Selma Unified School District Dress Code Information

  • The Selma Unified School Dress Code as stated in the 2015-2016 Student/Parent Handbook.
    (A school site principal along with the School Site Council may modify the dress code to insure safety and address concerns)

    ​Some uniform regulations are necessary in order to maintain order, spirit, scholarship, pride and discipline in the operation of a school
    system. The Board of Trustees of the Selma Unified School District approved a revised dress code on 3/27/07 that authorizes school
    regulations which prohibit student dress or grooming practices which:

    1. present a hazard to the health or safety of the student or to others in the school;

    2. materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program;

    3. cause excessive wear or damage to school property;

    4. prevent the student from achieving educational objectives because of blocked vision or restricted movement.

    A student violation of this policy is termed willful defiance of the valid authority of the school principal.

    The following regulation was revised on 3/27/07 to specify standards of dress and grooming:


    All clothing shall be neat, clean and acceptable in repair and appearance sufficient to be worn within the bounds of decency, modesty
    and good taste as appropriate for school. Garments shall be sufficient to appropriately conceal undergarments at all times.

    1. Revealing, formfitting or distracting tops and dresses cannot be worn. Tops and dresses must be modest in revealing the back and
    chest; for example, muscle shirts, halter tops, bare midriffs or chests, see-through outfits or off-the- shoulder blouses, and shoulder
    straps less than 2” wide are not appropriate or acceptable.

    2. Shorts, dresses, miniskirts and skorts are acceptable provided they are no shorter than mid-thigh, are hemmed, and are not form

    3. All sportswear-type shorts, bike shorts (i.e., spandex, nylon), gym shorts, frayed shorts, or shorts with holes are unacceptable.
    Shorts may be worn for physical education activities and athletic practices, provided they conform to standard dress for those

    4. In grades TK-12, shoes must be worn and fastened properly. No steel-toed shoes or boots will be allowed. No slippers, house
    shoes, or other related shoes will be allowed. In grades TK-6, shoes are required to have a back or strap that will secure the shoe
    to the foot. In grades 7-8 and grades 9-12 at Heartland, backless shoes and sandals are acceptable, except for flip-flops, zorries,
    shower shoes, and sandals with a strap between the toes. In grades 9-12 at Selma High School, flip-flops and all sandals are

    5. Crude or vulgar printing, slander, slogans, symbols, designs, jewelry or pictures depicting tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverages,
    illegal activities, or sexual suggestions are specifically prohibited. Any clothing reflecting gang affiliation is prohibited. Military,
    paramilitary, or camouflage attire may be worn only by students enrolled in the ROTC program.

    6. For grades TK-12, no hats or caps may be worn on campus during the regular school day unless a doctor’s note is obtained or for
    special activities pre-approved by the site administrator. For grades TK-12, hoods on jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts may be
    worn outdoors only in inclement weather.

    7. Excessively saggy or loose-fitting clothing is not acceptable.

    a. Pants and shorts are to be worn at the waist and conform to acceptable standards of appearance. Pants with an extra-long
    crotch, extending beyond mid-thigh, are not permitted. The bottom of the pant leg may not be excessively frayed or drag on the
    ground. Pants must be hemmed and not stapled, pinned, taped, or rubber-banded.

    b. Shirts, coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts may not be excessively oversized, and the body and arms shall not extend
    beyond the fingertips.

    c. Jackets, backpacks, and other apparel depicting professional sports teams and colleges shall not be worn. In grades K-8, city
    team jerseys that meet the dress code may be worn on Fridays during the season of that sport.

    8. Overalls must be worn correctly with both straps fastened over the shoulders.

    9. Pajamas are not acceptable, except for spirit days designated by site administrators.

    10. Articles of clothing, clothing styles, jewelry, or shoes, that present a hazard to the health or safety of the student, or to others in
    the school, are not acceptable.

    a. Dog chains, dog collars or the like, may not be worn.

    b. Studded and sharp weapon-like accessories are not permitted.

    c. No jewelry, which pierces the face, tongue, lip, nose or other body area, excepting the ears, will be allowed. Multiple piercing
    of the ears is acceptable. All jewelry must be removed when participating in sports or other physical activities.

    d. Wallet chains are not permitted.


    1. Haircuts or hairstyles which feature unusual or extreme colors or shavings to the extent they are disruptive to the educational
    process are not acceptable.

    2. Tattoos and hickey marks are not acceptable and must be covered at all times while the student is on the school grounds.


    1. The wearing or displaying of “colors,” tattoos, or a dress style that may relate to gang affiliation, or the appearance of such, is
    prohibited. Hoods worn in an intimidating manner will result in a gang notice.


    1. The District will rely on the opinion of the site administrator as to when student behavior or dress has created a disruptive
    influence to the learning process, is detrimental to a positive school environment, is counter to providing a safe and orderly
    campus, and/or is in violation of any portion of the foregoing regulation.

    2. When students are attending school-sponsored, public events, sections of the dress code relating to modesty and gang activity will
    be in effect. Hats are acceptable.

    The Director of Pupil Services will prepare a quarterly report for the Board summarizing all student, parent, and administrative
    concerns regarding the dress code. The Board will determine if the issues warrant the formation of a Dress Code Committee. If a
    Dress Code Committee is formed, it will be comprised of students, parents, administrators, and one or two board members. The
    committee will review the current dress code and make suggestions for revisions, which will be submitted to the Board for approval.

    If you have any concerns regarding the student dress code, please contact the Department of Pupil Services, at 898-6500, ext. 46515.