Image of a student in a hospital bed with a broken leg.
  • The purpose of the Home/Hospital Program is to support the student in maintaining a continuity of instruction during the student's absence from his or hers regular school program.  

    Who qualifies for home hospital instruction? 
    A student with a temporary illness or injury which makes attendance in regular day classes or alternative education program impossible or inadvisable may receive Home/Hospital Instruction.  

    The injury or illness must be medically diagnosed and verified in writing by a licensed physician or licensed mental health clinician.  If a prescription note is the only documentation provided to the school, the school or district may require additional written verification (e.g., assessment reports) regarding the medical condition.  In some circumstances, the school may need to conduct a meeting to address the home/hospital request and rule out any factors preventing the student access to learning in the school setting.    

    What are some examples of a temporary illness or injury? 
    A temporary illness or injury means disabled by accident or by physical, mental or emotional illness for a period of (4) four weeks up to (9) nine weeks.  An example may be a child who has a severe broken bone who needs care in the home or hospital during the recovery period.  

    Home/Hospital Instruction is only provided for one semester at a time.  If additional time is required beyond one semester, a new medical report for Home/Hospital Instruction is required from the medical provider.   

    What if my child is only injured for four (4) weeks? 
    If your child is anticipated to recover from his or her illness in less than four (4) weeks, than your child will be provided work from his or her school during this time.  

    For more information you may contact your schools health staff, or, Department of Pupil Services at (559) 898-6500, ext., 46517

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